Fusion- the e-zine from 1998  
As Luck Would Have It, Lynda Beauregard
Cold Blooded, Robin M. Mayhall
The Story of Rhye, Lady Rhye
Beans, Lynda Beauregard
Sweet Home, Robin M. Mayhall
An Old Flame, Lynda Beauregard
Gate Keeper, Amy Valleau
Of Wishing Well, Mary Jo Jeffers
A Release, David Taylor
Night and Day, Lynda Beauregard
Dante’s Pit, Atk. Butterfly
The Last Run, Gary E. Weller

Wandering, Lynda Beauregard.
The Smart Home, David Taylor
The Healing Factor, R.R. Mallory
Behold a White Horse, Turnip Smith
Conqueror, Part 1, Joe T. McCormack
The Fall into Night, Larry Myles
The Galaxy Trio, Connaught Catlin
The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Dan Perry
Conqueror, Part 2, Joe T. McCormack


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